Our Finca – An Eco-Reserve with Spectacular Views

From Rio Uvita to the best views of the Whale’s Tail

Welcome to our 200 acre reserve, comfortably and cooly above Uvita, well within the Path of the Tapir Biological Corridor, and video, with views of the Whale’s Tail from 2000 feet.,

We have seen a lot of biodiversity on the property, including big cat prints, which suggest a relatively intact ecosystem.  I have also heard from a professional guide that he observed dozens of bird species descending from the property to feed in the morning….At least three or four different types of wild cats, wild mountain pigs, collared peccaries, various monkeys, and a variety of other creatures are on the property, and many more pass through. I’ve seen sloth, agouti, paca, anteater, tolomuco (proper name is tayra, but in Costa Rica…) armadillo, and many different types of bats. And of course, more pesote than I care to remember, as they eat our fruit.

The part of the property, about 15 acres, with some of the best views available of the Whale’s Tail, likely the first or second most famous landform in Costa Rica, is a natural setup for some lodging and offering limited tours of the rest of the property.

We are looking for partners from a Nature Conservancy type organization with the mission and capacity to buy, maintain, and possibly, lightly develop the property.  It would be spectacular to have a wildlife inventory of some kind, but given the location of the property, and that it’s part of this Corridor, it’s automatically of high biological value, possibly critical.


We are working toward an eco-tourism/ health recovery/wildlife research/wildlife rehab education focussed center, with permaculture as a base.

You should see this posa.  Photos do not do it justice.

Beautiful posa.
On the Rio Uvita

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